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School has definitely taken over my life at the moment and I really haven’t had many opportunities to be creative.  I did get to make Valentine’s Day cards for children who will be in the hospital during that day.  My fraternity (Kappa Epsilon) partnered with HIS radio station in this great project known as “Hearts for Kids” (click here for more info).  Hopefully I’ll be able to post something new after this Pharmacology exam is over with!



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Lamebook Post : “…cause you really have no place in this conversation…”

Fashion Challenge: Make a North Face Jacket More Stylish – College Fashion:  Don’t pretend like you don’t have a fleece pullover or jacket.  Here’s a way to spice up your everyday college “uniform.”

40 Things that Make Old People Happy:  lots of lulz

Valentine’s Day Pillows: Need inspiration for a Valentine’s Day sewing project?

Here are two Valentine’s Day wreath crafts:  Red Tulle Heart and Tissue Paper Rosette Heart


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